Humour and Funny College Essays

We are not going to lie to you. College essays are scary. For most, writing college essays is the most intimidating part of the application process. We are here to tell you that although they can be scary, they are also an amazing opportunity. A large part of the college process is covering up with gold leaf and making yourself look your best. Contrary to what many (incorrectly) say, the college essay is not about presenting yourself as a perfect person; it means being yourself.

What kind of humor exactly?

Humor, which pokes fun at a topic that you are focusing on, but not a derogatory remark, is a great way to go, trying to add a bit of humor to your essay. Try to make it short and thin, so as not to deviate too much from the points that you are trying to highlight in your article. Almost random humor is what you are really looking for, trying to add a bit of humor, something that allows you and the reader a little grin.

What if the reader doesn’t get the humor?

Even if the reader does not have a humorous sentence or part, just try to make sure that the sentence is suitable for your essay. You don’t have to joke, especially if the joke is not necessarily there. Take your time when you want to add some humor to your essay. Find where exactly you should drop it, and where you might need a break in humor. Perhaps you have a very tense paragraph that you want to make a little easier, this is where you put in your ridiculous sentence. Helping not only your essay but also your reader, enjoy what they actually read.

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Although you want to add some humor to your essay, it’s useful to make sure that your essay does require it. If you write something on a very serious topic, then it is probably best not to add humor, but if you have a small humorous sentence that will certainly result in one whole.

Nice Quick Prompts to Compose a Humorous Essay

Humor helps us look at our lives from a different angle. Sometimes we are too afraid or nervous to understand that everything is not as bad as it might be. Our emotions can afflict us and make us blind. Fun can be the best cure for this. Therefore, it is worth looking for samples of the best humorous essays. Another option is to find out some helpful tips on how to write a fun essay from this guide.

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Funny college essays are not just a collection of stories about some important, but funny, and sometimes rather stupid events. In fact, there are a lot of fun college essays that have worked because they combined real fun events with something important in the lives of students. Sometimes something unexpected and funny makes us realize our potential, discover some hidden ways to overcome our problems, etc. The college’s humorous essays have such a goal.

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Many funny college essays written by students as a part of their admission application met recognition of the professors. You should sound natural and depict the true events of your life. Here are some essential recommendations on this matter:

  • Select an accessible topic
  • Tell a story
  • Be brief and sweet
  • Contrast sadness and joy
  • Remain specific

No matter what type of essay you have to compose, it all starts with choosing a topic. It is difficult to laugh at things that you do not know and/or do not understand. Therefore, you should choose something familiar to everyone and highlight it. Look for recommended topics for a humorous essay if you have no ideas. The internet is full of them.

You should never just tell jokes. Tell me a story. You need a logical concept. Write a full story about what really matters to people. Make your funny college essay short and enjoyable. This does not mean that your task should be short. There must be jokes about this. Do not focus on the fun in your letter. You should use it unobtrusively from time to time to bring some lightness and relaxation to things that really matter.

One of the most effective methods is to contrast the fun of the world. Add some salt to emphasize how easy our life may look, even if something is wrong. It’s not so bad. This is not the end. There is only one more stumbling block that we can deal with. Just don’t despair. While you should cover some familiar topics, you should be specific. Find an unusual approach. Display the highlighted topic from a new angle that you have not noticed before.

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