Essay Help: Descriptive Essay

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Essay Help: What is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of composition or paper that describes an object, person, process, or event. The goal of a writer is to create a vivid reading experience or show instead of telling (figuratively). Descriptive writing usually refers to five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. (For example, Jack’s coffee mug shattered into tiny shards of glass, drawing everyone’s attention in the office.) Always paying attention to feelings is key to writing a good descriptive essay. When writing a descriptive essay, your goal will be to paint a comprehensive picture for the reader by addressing the five senses. Last but not least, your work should have a purpose. It can be anything from a lesson you have learned from experience to a story about how the object affected your life. It’s all about how to bring your bright ideas to life.

Essay Help: Difference Between a Description and a Descriptive Essay

When writing this type of paper, you need to know the difference between a description and a descriptive essay. The description can be a simple paragraph or several without a specific structure, while a descriptive essay has five or more paragraphs and a clear and complete structure. A descriptive essay is usually written coherently, has a good abstract at the end of the introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. However, the description is not necessarily structured. Its main purpose is simply to describe an object or whatever, without any additional academic levels.

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Essay Help: The Issues that Could be Described in Your Paper

  • A person. In this article, you can talk about a person. This can range from simple writing about their appearance to more complex descriptions such as the actions, behavior, mood, and qualities of the person you choose.
  • A place. The main thing that you should do when describing a place in your work is to describe it in an interesting and original way. For example, your readers should feel the beauty of your chosen cities – perhaps New York or Rome.
  • Event. Here you need to describe the history of what happened. This could be your last vacation, concert, wedding, anniversary, summer music festival, graduation, or so on.
  • Animal. In this type, you need to describe the animal. This could be his appearance, behavior, or biology.
  • An occupation. Here you need to write about a job or occupation.
  • Behavior. This is the type of descriptive text that you should use if you want to write about someone’s behavior. Perhaps you want to describe the strange behavior of your friend or emphasize how certain people act in different conditions.

Essay Help: Two Classic Approaches to the Descriptive Essay

1. Personal Essay

This is where you describe the experience using your feelings and responses. This work can arouse empathy in readers. It can also be vague and disorganized. If you want to write a good personal essay, try to focus only on those aspects that most fully express your experience. Don’t shy away from the vibrant, evocative language in this type of assignment.

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A few examples of personal essay topics might be:

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  • Describing the experience of swimming in the azure sea in summer
  • Explaining your favourite movie and its impact on you
  • Reflecting on your birthday and all the things that have shaped you in the past

2. Formal Description

This type of descriptive writing is reminiscent of reasoned essays. Your main goal should be to communicate a set of key points or describe something in detail according to a clear structure. Rather than focusing on your own experience, you need to use specific categories of information to provide the most complete portrait of what you are describing. This approach can also be interesting, especially when the reader is more interested in the subject of the article than in the author’s answer. However, try not to make it boring with too formal a language.

Topics for formal descriptions can include:

  • A descriptive essay about climate change, politics, or historical events.
  • A news story that provides a summary of an event or information about the place where it occurred.

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